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Contact The Team

2nd-Annual-Kulinary-Mille-“Gasoline-and-Gastronomy”  Keith Previte

At the age of 5, Keith Previte’s Dad took him for a ride in a Porsche 911. From that moment on, he has had gasoline in his blood. He attended the Bob Bondurant school of racing twice before he graduated high school and had his IMSA license at 18. Previte went on to earn a BFA at the University of Southern California. But automobiles would become a major part of his life. His love of film and fast cars propelled him to enter the Gumball 3000 cross-country rally. Driving a Ferrari F512M, Previte drove the classic Cannonball route from New York to Los Angeles. This would be one of 4 times he drove across country in the Gumball and Bullrun rallies. Having done these rallies and wanting more, Previte created his own exclusive event called the Kulinary Mille. This event combined his two favorite passions, both exotic cars and gourmet food. The Mille was designed for true drivers, with some of the most amazing roads and stunning scenery. A gastronomical feast and party would cap each night.

When not behind the wheel, Previte continues his other passions. He produces horror movies and is the chef behind Choco Chicken restaurant and his Kulinary Khaos gourmet brand.


  Bryan Cole

President of NVSPR, Bryan began his marketing career working at Nadia Bronson & Associates, Warner Bros. Pictures International, Miramax Films and Premier PR where he worked on all publicity, awards and event campaigns. He has executed International and domestic press activities and award campaigns on such films as HARRY POTTER, OCEANS 12-13, BATMAN BEGINS, SAW, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, TWILIGHT etc. Bryan established NVSPR with a vision to elevate automotive, hospitality, premium lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, consumer products and talent into a new progressive direction. The Los Angeles based boutique agency has shocked the public, trendsetters, athletes and celebrities with its unique creativity, concepts, visualization, functionality, attention to detail and sheer quality of its services. Bryan has worked on events with such clients as LG Corporate, UFC, Von Dutch, Lionsgate Films, Miramax, Paramount Studios, Summit Entertainment, Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Toronto Film festival, and Golden Globes